Facebook live streaming – great marketing tool for now

facebook live stream

Facebook live stream

Recent Facebook live stream provided by us for a number of events achieved
a very wide reach with little to no marketing at comparatively low cost.

The limitations

The streams are limited to 90 minutes only, so we restart.
The low quality sound and video. It doesn’t seem to put people off as most people
are watching on mobile or tablet.

In the End

This is a great marketing tool in itself to run at the same time as a
HQ live stream to help bring in more viewers.
The viewer numbers are easily 10x as many as a posted video
Facebook will probably integrate advertising to foot the cost of data
at some point soon, so enjoy it while it lasts.

2 way live stream

We’re joining 2 venues by live streaming both events.
One in London the other in Glasgow.

We sent crews to both venues each with a satellite
data dishes with 4g back-up and 3 camera crew.
With our CDN set to low latency we were able to
live stream both venues with very little delay.

New power distro on site

Two of our new power distribution units on site at a corporate event.

power distro

New kit – Akai apc40 controller mk1

Just in, Akai APC40 mk1 for laser and video control
also available for hire to musicians.
The mk.1 version is chunky – great for gigging and
the sloped edges make it ideal for long sessions.


WordPress SEO wanted

UK based WordPress seo needed to give this site the seo “once over”
have a look at the site and reply to this post.

Laser and video show for Tidy

Recent laser and video show for the 1st Tidy at Roadmender Northampton
5w rgb colour laser and 2 projection screens and one led screen